2-day training

Design Sprint Facilitation Training

Build an internal team of skilled Design Sprint Facilitators and streamline creative problem-solving and idea validation throughout your organization.

A 2-day training
Available only in-person
Simulated real-world Design Sprints
3000 people chose this training
Top trainers with +10y expertise

A Design Sprint is a creative problem-solving framework that empowers businesses to rapidly prototype and test new ideas, giving them valuable insights before committing to full-scale development.

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Who learns Design Sprint Facilitation?

A diverse mix of professionals, each seeking to guide their teams towards improved, accelerated outcomes.

UX Leads and Designers
Agile and Design Thinking Coaches
Product Managers
R&D Specialists
Innovation Managers
Strategists and Business Consultants

+ professionals aiming to lead effective workshops and kickstart a culture of innovation

What to expect in JUST 2 days

Become a skilled Design Sprint Facilitator

Drawing upon our decade of experience conducting Design Sprints for renowned brands and training top-tier teams, this program provides an immersive simulation of a real-world Design Sprint. Not only will you gain insights from our expertise, but you will also benefit from the collective knowledge and experiences of your peers as you assume the role of the facilitator and receive constructive feedback throughout the process.

Interactive-style teaching
Expert-led learning
Rapid skill acquisition
Peer-to-peer feedback
Energetic sessions
Learn by doing
Emulate a Design Sprint
Practical tools
Emotion management
Conflict management

Why invest in internal Design Sprint expertise?

By forming an in-house team of Design Sprint Facilitators, organizations can gain a competitive edge and achieve their strategic goals more effectively.

Long-term impact and culture change. An internal team of design sprint facilitators can help embed rapid experimentation methods into the organization's DNA.
Tailored workshops leading to higher ROI. With a deeper understanding of the organization's culture, values, and goals, internal facilitators can tailor design sprints to specific needs and contexts.
Scalability and cost-effectiveness. Having an internal team eliminates the need for external consultants and ensures that expertise is readily available when needed.
Speed & agility. Organizations can tap into this expertise and adapt faster to changing market conditions or customer needs.


Design Sprint Planning

Learn the ABCs of picking a sprint challenge and onboarding the team.

    Design Sprint Ground Rules & Mindset

    Discover the mindset to unlock creativity and hit the high notes in results.

      Nonverbal & Para-verbal Communication

      How to make everyone feel heard and ready to listen.

        Emotion & Conflict Management

        Manage different personalities, deviations, and conflicts and get everyone on board.

          Facilitation Practice

          Everyone practices facilitation before peers, receives constructive feedback, and refines their approach through observational learning.

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            meet your trainer

            Dana Vetan

            Co-founder | Trainer | Senior Innovation Consultant

            Dana is the Senior Innovation Consultant and Co-Founder of Design Sprint Academy, with over six years of experience in design sprints and problem framing. She has trained and coached teams across various industries, focusing on user-centric solutions and innovation. Dana combines her psychology background with design thinking to create impactful training programs. She is passionate about teaching others to run effective workshops and foster a culture of innovation.

            Design Sprint Academy gave me a great grounding in facilitation techniques and
            design sprint methodology.
            The quality of their tuition and facilitation and attention to detail in
            how they present their approach sets them apart
            Seamus Gavin, INNOVATION MANAGER @ BSI GROUP
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