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Design Sprint Training

A 2-day masterclass to learn how to solve complex challenges and launch customer-centric products while harnessing the power of AI.

A 2-day training
Available in-person and online
AI-powered prototyping
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What is a Design Sprint?

First imagined by Google Ventures, Design Sprints are an effective method to solve big problems and test new ideas with customers in less than a week. It’s like a crystal ball into the future allowing businesses to know what works, what doesn’t and why.

The Design Sprint Process

Who is this training for?

Design Sprints aren’t just for the teams at Google.

Product Managers & Owners
Innovation Teams
Design & Creative Teams
Sales & Marketing Teams
R&D Teams
Agile Coaches & Consultants

+anyone who needs to de-risk their projects and test new business ideas!

What to expect

Become a Design Sprint Expert in just 2 days

We've distilled a decade of experience in conducting Design Sprints for top brands and training elite teams into this program. You'll get direct insights from firsthand case studies and learn from highly seasoned experts.

Interactive-style teaching
Use of AI-powered tools
Exciting & fun hands-on exercises
Group & individual activities
Expert-led learning
Real-life case studies
Rapid skill acquisition
Go beyond the "Sprint" book

Key use-cases for applying Design Sprints at work

Learning Design Sprints equips you with future-ready, creative problem-solving skills, applicable across diverse industries and professions.

Validating the Product Roadmap. When crafting an innovative but feasible Product Roadmap and need mitigate the risk of pursuing options that may fail to meet the needs of users.
Integrating New Tech. When choosing the right emerging technology to integrate into existing products or services and ensuring that it will be embraced by users.
Validating Propositions. When developing a new offering for a product, targeting a new customer segment, or entering a new market, use sprints to determine which value proposition will resonate best and achieve market fit.
Quick Wins. Use sprints in innovation hackathons to foster a culture of innovation and achieve tangible results. This method ensures not only the creation of innovative solutions but also their validation with customers.
Design Sprint training


What, When, Why Design Sprints?

You will be introduced to the key principles of Design Sprints and learn from our experience about the best scenarios for running sprints and the most common pitfalls to avoid.

  • Design Sprint Introduction
  • Design Sprint Use-Cases

Before the Design Sprint

You will discover the essential elements of a Design Sprint and the necessary preparations for successful outcomes. This includes gathering research, engaging with stakeholders, sprint team onboarding and preparing sprint assets, among other critical steps.

  • The challenge
  • The team
  • The customer

During a Design Sprint

You will play different roles, from a team member to a Facilitator or Decider, as you simulate a real Design Sprint. Essentially, you'll conduct an end-to-end Design Sprint workshop focused on a predefined challenge, experiencing the authentic emotional highs and lows of a typical sprint.

  • Understand & Define
  • Sketch & Decide
  • Prototype (with AI-powered tools)
  • Test (with customers)

After the Design Sprint

Get an exclusive preview of our reporting templates and the 'Moving Forward' workshop, which will guide you on how to effectively present your sprint results to your leadership team

  • Sprint Replay Reports

Methods and Tools

Throughout the training, you will engage with various tools and methods, gaining an understanding of their application in real-world contexts. Here are some of the tools you will gain practical experience with:

  • Empathy Maps & Proto-personas
  • Customer Journey Maps
  • Storyboarding
  • AI-powered prototyping
  • User-testing
  • Brainstorming & Ideation Techniques
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John Vetan

Co-founder | Trainer | Expert

I am a seasoned expert in innovation and business transformation and the co-founder of Design Sprint Academy. Our consultancy is dedicated to aiding organizations to make better products and services, foster customer-centricity, and elevate workplace culture and collaboration. We have successfully implemented this approach with global brands such as eBay, SAP, Amazon, RGA, Adidas, Redbull, and Roche, to name just a few.

“I recently participated in a design sprint training and it was GREAT! DSA was professional, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about the training material and helped my group feel comfortable and confident as well. The hands-on learning was excellent, and I really appreciated getting both participant and facilitator perspectives”
Audrey Watanabe, Associate Manager, Inventor Relations @ MATTEL
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