Staying agile in healthcare with BlueShield of California

August 20, 2020
DSA Team
Transforming healthcare challenges into advanced, patient-centered opportunities is a complex task that demands more than just innovative ideas. It requires a strategic vision backed by strong leadership, a team equipped with the right skills, and a straightforward process that can be easily integrated. This is where Problem Framing and Design Sprints come into play for BlueShield of California.

Facing the complexities of today's healthcare landscape, BlueShield of California deals with a range of challenges. These include building a digital infrastructure for better healthcare decision-making and improving access to mental health services. They're also tackling the continuing effects of COVID-19 and integrating cutting-edge technologies like AI and machine learning. In navigating these varied issues, Problem Framing and Design Sprints are incredibly beneficial.

In 2020, BlueShield of California partnered with the Design Sprint Academy to leverage these methodologies, aiming to boost creative problem-solving and foster a culture of innovation. The training in Oakland focused on building team capabilities and reskilling employees, a key to long-term growth. By applying Problem Framing and Design Sprints, BlueShield's teams were prepared to view healthcare challenges through a new lens.

This collaboration was more than a solution-finding exercise; it was about instilling a proactive approach within BlueShield. Emphasizing the need to correctly identify problems before seeking solutions is essential in healthcare. These methods can be seamlessly integrated into Blue Shield's current workflows activated for specific innovation needs.

For instance, Problem Framing could help identify key areas for digital healthcare improvements, while Design Sprints might quickly develop and test new virtual care models or digital claims processes. These tools are especially useful in complex situations like merging behavioral health with primary care or reshaping pharmacy care to manage rising drug costs. By embracing these agile methods, BlueShield of California is not only addressing current challenges but also paving the way for future healthcare advancements.