4-day workshop

AI Design Sprints

Identify and validate potential AI opportunities by combining human creativity with AI expertise.


A structured problem-solving workshop that integrates AI expertise into the traditional Design Sprint methodology, enabling teams to effectively identify, prototype, and test innovative AI solutions while reducing user adoption risks.

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When is an AI Design Sprint useful?

AI Design Sprints are a powerful and effective method for organizations of all sizes to accelerate the incorporation of AI technology into their products, services, and processes. It is a versatile tool for leaders and in-house transformation teams trying to...

Identify high-value processes for AI automation
Assess user adoption potential
Clarify AI solution's value proposition
Align stakeholders on AI goals, scope, and implementation

From AI hype to actionable solutions

Every forward-thinking leader aims to incorporate AI into their organization, yet many are unsure where to begin or what best suits their unique needs. This is where our belief in the power of expertise, strategic focus, and a touch of creativity comes into play. How do we make this happen? By collaborating with AI specialists, aligning with your business goals, and prioritizing user-centric solutions.

Our strategy goes beyond just the buzz around AI. We're dedicated to developing AI solutions that are not only intelligent and advanced but also impactful and user-friendly. After all, what's the benefit of advanced technology if it's not embraced by its users?

Our 4-phase journey

Identify AI opportunities

We map out your processes to identify the most valuable areas for AI automation. We aim to identify problems that can be uniquely solved or significantly improved with AI.

Decide on AI-friendly problems

We evaluate potential AI use cases based on repetitiveness, efficiency gains, and AI's ability to solve problems faster or better.

Develop AI solutions

We facilitate a collaborative workshop with a team of experienced AI experts to rapidly develop a functional prototype that simulates the AI functionality,

Validate AI Solutions

We conduct user testing sessions with your employees to gather feedback on usability, effectiveness, and the overall value proposition of the AI solution.

How it works


We begin by understanding your specific goals and desired outcomes. We then present our approach, ensuring it aligns with your vision, thereby setting the stage for an effective and result-oriented engagement.

  • Alignment on your goals
  • Defined success criteria
Duration: 1-hour online meeting


In the Groundwork phase, we map out your business processes, identifying areas where AI can add value and solve your biggest challenges. We conduct joint research to explore potential AI use cases and collaborate with your team to define clear goals for the AI Design Sprint.

  • Your mapped-out process
  • Problem Framing Workshop
  • AI-friendly problem identified
  • Design Sprint Brief
Duration: 1-2 weeks

Team Onboarding & Logistics

We work closely with you to carefully assemble and onboard the right mix of experts, including AI experts, designers, data scientists, engineers, and product owners. Together with your team we recruit users for prototype testing, and organize all logistics – from the physical or virtual sprint space to essential supplies and refreshments.

  • Expert team assembled and onboarded
  • Customers recruited for testing
Duration: 1-week

AI Design Sprint: Remote or In-Person

Under the guidance of our seasoned facilitators, your expert team will rapidly progress from problem to a customer-tested prototype in just four days.

  • Day 1 - Deep dive into the problem to identify key risks and understand AI potential
  • Day 2 - Sketching solutions, selecting the best ideas, and merging them into a storyboard
  • Day 3 - Building a realistic facade of your product with simulated AI functionality
  • Day 4 - Testing to gauge customer feedback and reactions to your AI solution
Duration: 4-days

Replay Report

After the design sprint concludes, our facilitators meticulously document the entire journey. The comprehensive Replay Report encapsulates all activities, outcomes, and user testing results, presenting a vivid narrative of the sprint. This report distils key learnings and actionable insights, guiding your senior stakeholders in making informed next steps.

  • Comprehensive user testing learnings
  • Actionable next-step insights
Duration: 3 days after the sprint
Top outcomes of our AI Design Sprint
User-centered AI solution
High-fidelity prototypes with simulated AI functionality
Compelling AI value proposition
Reduced risk of failed AI projects
AI Process Automation
Accelerated AI solution development
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"DSA ran the first Design Sprint I attended, and it was SUPERB. Their expert facilitation and ability to manage a creative (and sometimes challenging) group of experts in their field, all the while encouraging us along the journey, was truly first-class. " 
Richard Verdin, Non-Executive Director @RGAX
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