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Problem Framing

We facilitate decision-making and help you get stakeholder buy-in for new value propositions, product growth and innovation opportunities.

What is Problem Framing?

Problem Framing is a strategic workshop designed to guide teams in understanding, defining, and prioritizing complex business problems based on data and customer insights.

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When does Problem Framing help?

Problem Framing is essential for aligning cross-functional teams and resolving stakeholder conflicts. It ensures a shared understanding of the problem, driving consensus towards solutions:

Prior to significant investments in new products or services.
When kicking off digital transformation initiatives.
When seeking real-life applications for newly developed  technologies.
When navigating market shifts or changing customer behaviors to redefine product offerings.
When product strategies or innovation directions lack clarity.
When identifying areas for digital enhancements to improve user experience or operational efficiency.

Our Approach

Understanding the disconnect between decision-makers and their customers or frontline teams is at the heart of our Problem Framing approach. Often, decisions impacting customers are made by those furthest removed from them, relying on fragmented data and under immense pressure.

We bridge this gap by exposing decision-makers to critical information, such customer insights and business metrics. Each problem or opportunity is scrutinized through dual lenses: its value to the business and its relevance to customer needs.

The four pillars of Problem Framing


Contextualizing the problem space ensures all stakeholders share a common understanding of the problem or opportunity.


Aligning stakeholders around a common definition of success is crucial, especially when they have conflicting goals and chase different KPIs.


Customer insights and data will help stakeholders overcome biases and make informed decisions.


Clear understanding of business goals, KPIs, and customer needs leads to well-articulated problem statements.

Your Problem Framing Journey

Initial Discovery

This phase is about diving deep into your project's context. We gather insights about your specific goals and the challenges you're facing, ensuring a thorough understanding of your needs.

  • Clarity on your objectives
  • Tailored project blueprint
Duration: 1-hour discovery call

Stakeholder Mapping and Interviews

We identify key decision-makers relevant to your project's scope. This ensures that the right people guide the project and future solutions. We conduct interviews with these stakeholders to understand their knowledge, expectations, and desired outcomes and will use this information to tailor the workshop agenda accordingly.

  • Identified decision-makers
  • Stakeholder perspective gained
Duration: 3 days


In this phase, we delve into the business data and metrics relevant to your project, laying a solid foundation for informed decision-making. We identify and prioritize key customer segments and gather existing customer data, conducting additional interviews if necessary. This data is then transformed into customer journey maps or process maps, providing stakeholders with clear visualizations for easy comprehension during the workshop.

  • Data visualizations:  Customer Journey Maps, Process Maps, etc
  • Finalized workshop plan and agenda
Duration: 1-week

Problem Framing Workshop : Remote or In-Person

During a half a day to a full day workshop, stakeholders will have productive conversations by following a structured set of activities. With all critical information visually presented, the stage is set for unbiased, informed decision-making. This process fosters alignment on key opportunities that promise value for both the business and its customers. Strategic clarity emerges, leading to well-defined problem statements and a concrete action plans.

  • A defined action plan for implementation
  • Clearly articulated Problem Statements
  • A defined action plan for implementation
Duration: 1/2-day up to a 1-day

Replay Report

After the workshop, we compile a comprehensive Replay Report. This document encapsulates the insights, discussions, and decisions made during the workshop. It serves as an official record of the engagement, providing a detailed overview of the process and its outcomes. Stakeholders can use it to revisit the workshop's key moments and to ensure continuity in implementing the identified action plans

  • Decisions and outcomes documented
  • Solid foundation for next steps
Duration: 2 days after the Problem Framing workshop
Key results you get with our Problem Framing workshop
Clearly defined problem statements
Informed, customer and data-driven decision-making.
Aligned business strategy and market needs
Risk mitigation through accurate context understanding
Unified stakeholder understanding.
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“Both the problem framing and sprint have been done under excellent moderation. Strict on time when required, inspirational when possible, demanding and ambitious when needed!”
Els Quentyn, Innovation Manager @ Arteco NV
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