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Problem Framing Training

A hands-on training to master decision-making facilitation, gain stakeholder buy-in and drive product growth.

1-day immersive workshop
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Data vizualisation techniques
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Problem Framing is a focused workshop that brings together key stakeholders, encourages data-driven decision-making, and ensures that the team's efforts are aligned with the overall business objectives.

The Problem Framing Method

Who is this training for?

Problem Framing is for doers looking to secure stakeholder buy-in by facilitating decision-making.

Product Managers
Product Owners
Heads of Design
Business Teams
Innovation Teams
Agile Coaches & Consultants

+anyone who wants to grow their product or discover new customer-centric opportunities!

What to expect

Become a Decision-Making Facilitator in just 1-day

Our training program distills a decade of our consulting experience in navigating challenges such as market expansion and product growth. Drawing on real-world case studies from our collaborations with leading companies like RGAx, eBay, RedBull, Turner Construction, and SAP, you'll see firsthand how we've redefined wicked problems and sparked new ideas. We'll show you how to use these strategies to discover new product growth opportunities and simplify your innovation portfolio.

Interactive-style teaching
Group & individual activities
Exciting hands-on exercises
Data interpretation & visualisation
Led by highly experienced professionals
Real-life case studies
Debriefs & Key takeaways
Insights for practical application

Key scenarios for applying Problem Framing at work

This simple approach transforms complex problems into manageable tasks. The following scenarios showcase how Problem Framing can be applied in diverse professional contexts - from product growth to new business models.

Choosing the right features.
When you are feeling overwhelmed by too many feature choices for a product roadmap and you are stuck in endless debates and stakeholders' negotiations.
Finding the right customer group.
In a product strategy session, when key stakeholders are unsure about which customer segment to target first with a new value proposition.
Finding real-world uses for new tech.
When there's enthusiasm in the R&D team about a new technology but uncertainty about its practical applications.
Enhancing Customer Experience. In scenarios where you're losing customers, and there's a need to pinpoint the underlying issues affecting customer satisfaction and loyalty.


What, When, Why Problem Framing

Learn about Problem Framing as a a strategic approach to understand, define, and approach complex challenges effectively. It’s about identifying the right problem to solve before jumping into solutions.

  • Introduction to Problem Framing
  • Problem Framing in Agile Development
  • Problem Framing and the Innovation Portfolio

Groundwork - How to prepare a Problem Framing Workshop

To conduct a successful one-day workshop with key decision-makers, thorough preparation is crucial. You will learn how to gather customer data and engage with stakeholders to grasp their perspectives. Finding innovative ways to visualize this information is important, as you'll need to present it clearly and concisely to busy stakeholders. You will learn practical methods to:

  • Decide on a problem
  • Assemble the problem framing team
  • Select a target customer
  • Gather research and visualize data

Facilitation - How to conduct a Problem Framing Workshop

You'll learn the essential mindset and best practices for leading a Problem Framing workshop. You'll also discover how to adapt the method to suit different situations, as each problem may need a unique approach depending on your objectives. Key focus areas include:

  • Contextualize the problem
  • Justify the business need
  • Understand the customer
  • Problem Statement
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John Vetan

Co-founder | Trainer | Expert

John is a seasoned expert in innovation and business transformation, as well as the co-founder of the Design Sprint Academy. With over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and digital enthusiast, his goal is to simplify innovation and make teams more effective.

“DSA provides an amazing training experience. John and the team have developed a professional and fun experience with just the right mix of presentation content and hands-on demonstrations. I'm confident we can apply the methodologies taught to deliver impact!”
Kris Wahl, Innovation Project Manager @ Turner Construction Company
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