Cutting through red tape with Eurobank

December 29, 2019
DSA Team
In banking, where red tape often stifles innovation, Eurobank embraced Problem Framing to cut through bureaucracy and get to the root cause of the problem.

In 2019, our team had the opportunity to introduce Eurobank to the transformative power of Problem Framing. In the banking sector, known for its scarcity of innovation and entrenched in layers of bureaucracy, breaking through to novel ideas can seem daunting. Our training aimed to shift the focus from traditional customer-centric innovation to exploring the potential within internal processes and company culture.

Our workshop in Athens empowered Eurobank's teams to dissect various industry challenges. We explored questions like "How can we make banking more engaging?" and "How can we effectively manage demotivated staff?" The goal was to dig deeper than surface-level symptoms, to unearth the root causes of these issues.

Although a single day of training couldn't solve all problems, it sparked valuable discussions that broke down complex challenges into smaller, manageable parts. This approach not only made issues easier to understand but also facilitated effective communication. Witnessing the participants' realization as vague concepts became clear was a highlight for us as facilitators.

Problem Framing proved to be an invaluable tool in navigating the complexities of the banking industry. It allowed the Eurobank teams to gain new insights by focusing on internal dynamics, thereby paving the way for innovative and transformative solutions.