Navigating the healthcare's maze with NHS England

October 3, 2023
DSA Team
In healthcare, it's crucial to identify and tackle the most pressing challenges. By focusing on the right problems, one can use resources efficiently, improve patient care, and drive healthcare innovations. That's why NHS England wanted to bring the Problem Framing method to their teams.

Healthcare professionals often face complex issues. For example, there's a growing backlog of patients waiting for treatment, worsened by an aging population and evolving healthcare needs. Moreover, issues like poor communication during investigations and treatments demand a deeper approach. It's not just about addressing symptoms but understanding and prioritizing the underlying causes of these problems.

Our Problem Framing approach is designed to enhance operational efficiency and positively impact community well-being. In 2023, NHS England invited us back to conduct a Problem Framing Training for their teams, building on the success of our earlier Design Sprint training. We were excited to delve deeper into problem framing, equipping the NHS teams with new skills and insights.

The training was a blend of teaching and hands-on practice, focused on uncovering the root causes of complex challenges. We guided the teams through real-life scenarios, helping them move from confusion to clarity.

Throughout the Problem Framing process, the participants had eye-opening experiences. They discovered the true essence of their challenges, going beyond initial perceptions. The involvement of key stakeholders was crucial, allowing them to see the effectiveness of reframing issues in real time.