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AI Opportunity Mapping

AI for Executives.
Start strong with AI: discover key opportunities and validate use cases.

DEFINE ai ambitions

This one-day workshop is designed to educate your leadership team on AI capabilities, uncover potential business opportunities, and lay the groundwork for successful AI adoption. Ideal for organizations starting their AI journey, it helps define AI ambitions early on and secures leadership buy-in.

Learn how an AI adoption started with this workshop

But they all started

According to Gartner’s latest report, which surveyed 2,500 executives across multiple companies, leadership teams are prioritizing AI projects that will have the most significant impact on their businesses. Here are four scenarios illustrating how organizations are leveraging AI today:

38% of executives invest their AI budgets in customer experience & retention
17% are using AI to optimize costs
26% of executives are focusing on AI to drive revenue growth.
7% are leveraging AI to ensure business continuity.

Start with AI, the right way

Beyond the AI hype, there is real value, and we will help you uncover it. At Design Sprint Academy, we excel in guiding leaders to make strategic decisions and align C-level executives. However, generative AI is complex and vast. To bridge the gap and turn the hype into real action, we partnered with AI ACADEMY.  With a decade of experience in building AI solutions and training over 12,000 individuals, they are experts in the field.

Together, we created the AI Opportunity Mapping Workshop.

Our key ingredients

AI Education

Leaders gain a clear understanding of how AI can benefit their company, empowering them to make informed strategic decisions.

Business Focus

We move beyond vague ideas to pinpoint the specific areas where AI can deliver the biggest impact.

Think Big

We encourage bold brainstorming to avoid falling into the trap of basic digitalization projects.

Reality Check

We ensure your AI investments are based on evidence and realistic expectations, not just the hype.

Workshop Agenda

Demystifying AI

We start the workshop with an interactive educational session designed to build the executive team's confidence in their understanding of AI. Together, we'll explore case studies showcasing different types of AI in action, helping leaders connect the dots to their own organization and industry.

  • What is Traditional AI?
  • What is Generative AI?
  • Understanding AI Capability.
Duration: 2 hours

AI Opportunities

Executives will now examine the latest applied research and case studies on the business impact of Generative AI. This session will help them understand which use cases are suitable for AI and which are not, allowing them to envision the biggest opportunities for their organization.

  • Identify AI Risks
  • Evaluate AI Impact
  • Understand Tech Strategy
  • Define AI areas of opportunity
Duration: 2 hours

AI Applications

In the afternoon, executives will take a closer look at the AI opportunities identified in the morning. They will explore specific problems that can be addressed with AI, aligning these with the predefined opportunities. This ideation process, guided by AI experts, ensures that even the most ambitious ideas are concrete and feasible.

  • Brainstorm big ideas
  • Evaluate and prioritize ideas
Duration: 2 hours

AI Roadmap

Having big AI ideas is just the first step. This session focuses on defining a high-level roadmap for moving an idea towards company-wide adoption. Leveraging the Harvard business case methodology, executives will work in small groups to draft a blueprint for scaling AI within the organization.

  • Make a Game Plan
Duration: 1 hour
Key Results of an AI Opportunity Workshop
AI Roadmap
3-5 AI Opportunities
AI Confidence
AI Readiness
Green Light for AI Initiatives
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The AI Opportunity Mapping Workshop exemplifies the power of collaboration between two experts in their fields. This partnership blends DSA's strategic and human-centric approach to problem-solving with AI Academy's technical and educational prowess. The result is a transformative workshop that equips leaders with the tools and insights needed to turn AI potential into actionable business opportunities.
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