Our story

We’re creative problem solvers.

While we can't tackle every problem in the world, we excel in the digital product development and innovation space.

Here, there is no shortage of challenges — from crafting new value propositions and business models, to capitalizing on opportunities presented by emerging technologies and evolving customer needs.

The most difficult part of problem solving? The beginning.

It’s where mess and complexity meet big goals without a clear direction.

It’s the stage where problems remain elusive, and confusion reigns among those tasked with finding solutions.

Above all, it's about aligning stakeholders on a direction—convincing them to commit to a path forward is often the biggest  hurdle.

A fast, effective and repeatable approach

Our structured approach is tailored for Product and Innovation teams. It’s designed to help them identify opportunities, define problems, and solve them creatively.  

This approach  is based on our own two decades of experience in digital product development and follows the
fundamental principles of creative problem solving, packaged into our user-centric, effective, and repeatable methods: Problem Framing and Design Sprints.

Why work with us?

At Design Sprint Academy, we're a unique mix of hands-on consultants and trainers.

We still get our hands dirty working with product and innovation teams to create and validate new propositions or discover opportunities for growth.

Drawing from these real-world experiences, our training programs have empowered over 3,000 product and innovation managers with practical skills and knowledge to do the same.

We offer comprehensive toolkits, resources, and playbooks designed for immediate application, ensuring you can easily transform theory into action.

So, let us help you turn complexity into clarity and challenges into opportunities for growth.

Ready to redefine problem-solving with us?

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