4-day workshop

Design Sprint

Transform a vision into an actionable reality. It's more than a workshop; it's a journey to align your team's diverse perspectives into a unified product roadmap.


A Vision Design Sprint is a collaborative, structured process that helps teams define, articulate, and align on a shared vision for their product's future.

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When does a Vision Design Sprint help?

It's optimal when the product vision is merely an idea voiced by a leader, yet it remains unseen and not fully understood by the team or when there is a disconnect among stakeholders about the product's trajectory, priorities, and goals.
Here are more specific scenarios:

When launching new products - it helps clarify the direction and unify the team's focus.
When re-evaluating the current offering - it ensures alignment with market trends, user needs, and business goals.
When defining a value proposition for a new customer audience or market.
When pivoting - it guides the adaptation to changes or new opportunities in the market.

Our Approach

Not all design sprints are equal. We've refined the classic Google Ventures process, originally designed for startups, to suit the complex environments of larger organizations and the challenges they pose.

Limited availability of key stakeholders, conflicting priorities, unclear problems and rigid workflows are just a few.

Our approach avoids these pitfalls. We will do the heavy lifting, the groundwork, setting the stage to ensure your team shines and does what they do best: solve the problem. Depending on availability, your team will only be required for two to four days, and in the background, our experts will do the rest.

The ingredients for success

The Right Problem

We ensure that your team tackles a 'real' problem that aligns customer needs with business objectives. Demonstrating the ROI of your efforts will never be as clear.

Customer Insights

Customer research,  analytics, expert opinions - we'll look at your data and beyond to extract insights that drive innovative thinking, free from bias and groupthink.

Expert Team

Your best people work in silos. We will break them to assemble your team of diverse experts, each bringing unique perspectives to find a  breakthrough solution.


Egos, pressures of results, and time constraints can impede success. Our facilitators guide your team in overcoming these challenges, fostering  teamwork and collaboration.

From vision to reality - Our process


We begin by understanding your specific goals and desired outcomes. We then present our approach, ensuring it aligns with your vision, thereby setting the stage for an effective and result-oriented engagement.

  • Alignment on your goals
  • Defined success criteria
Duration: 1-hour online meeting


We dive deep into your current status, analyzing existing data and identifying your customers' unmet needs.  In this phase, we will define the Sprint Challenge in the clear format of a Problem Statement. All these insights are consolidated into the Design Sprint Brief and visualised in powerful diagrams, which your team will work with during the sprint.

  • Design Sprint Brief
  • Problem Statement
Duration: 1 week

Team Onboarding & Logistics

As with all things in life, preparation is key. We collaborate with your team to prepare for the sprint, optimizing everyone's time and effort. This stage involves assembling and onboarding the right mix of experts, recruiting customers for prototype testing, and organizing all logistics – from the sprint space (physical war room or virtual digital boards) to essential supplies and refreshments.

  • Your team assembled and onboarded
  • Customers recruited for testing
Duration: 1 week

Design Sprint Workshop:  Remote or In-Person

Under the guidance of our seasoned facilitators, your expert team will rapidly progress from problem to a customer-tested prototype in just four days.

  • Day 1  - Deep dive into the problem to identify key risks and form hypotheses.
  • Day 2 -  Sketching solutions, selecting the best ideas, and merging them into a storyboard
  • Day 3 - Turning the storyboard into a prototype—a realistic facade of your product.
  • Day 4 -  Testing to gauge customer feedback and reactions to your concept
Duration: 4 days

Replay Report

After the design sprint concludes, our facilitators meticulously document the entire journey. The comprehensive Replay Report encapsulates all activities, outcomes, and user testing results, presenting a vivid narrative of the sprint. This report distils key learnings and actionable insights, guiding your senior stakeholders in making informed next steps.

  • Comprehensive user testing learnings
  • Actionable next-step insights
Duration: 3 days after the sprint  
Top outcomes of the Vision Design Sprint
A concise vision statement
A vision trailer - offering a glimpse into the product
High-level roadmap and strategy
Early customer validation
Stakeholder alignment (e.g. technology, marketing, sales, etc)
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"Our team had so many different perspectives and visions for the future, but with and the coaching of the Design Sprint Academy, we were able to develop, prototype, and test quite a different, innovative idea for healthcare professionals." 
Dr. Cécile Mack, Director Digital Products & Marketing @ Springer Medizin
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