Are Design Sprints a Plug-and-Play Method for Innovation - Dubai

DSA Team

Date and Time: 2023, December
Location: Dubai, UAE
Sponsors: DIFC Academy

In a world filled with methods promising solutions for major business challenges like product launches, customer experience enhancement, revenue boosts, and customer retention, the real question is:

How do you match the right approach to the right problem?

In this meetup, we uncovered where design sprints fit in this puzzle, as there's no one-size-fits-all silver bullet solution.

Key points
  • We got a special look at product development mindsets and ways of innovating.
  • We talked about how design sprints work with innovation funnels, building new ventures, and developing products quickly and effectively.
  • We learned from Dr. Ahmed Ghanim Al-Ali work at the Prime Minister’s Office UAE about their journey with digital transformation. To demystify 'digital', they employed vision and concept sprints aligned with national priorities, stressing the need for data-driven insights.
  • John Vetan, founder of Design Sprint Academy (DSA), a visionary in digital innovation. With over two decades of experience, John has reshaped how businesses innovate. At DSA, he's led the training of over 2,890 professionals and certified more than 208 facilitators, working with top firms like Google and Nike. His insights are born from tangible successes and challenges.
  • Dr. Ahmed Al-Ali, is the co-founder and regional director of DeepOpinion, an AI startup pioneering an intelligent automation platform for businesses. With 15 years in AI and digital transformation leadership roles, his experience spans across multiple industries including tech startups, government, airlines, manufacturing, and research. Some past held positions are Director of Future Services at the PMO & Digital Transformation Lead at Emirates Airlines. Ahmed also holds a PhD in AI from the University of Cambridge.