Are Design Sprints a Plug-and-Play Method for Innovation -Riyadh

DSA Team

Date: Dec. 2023
Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Sponsors: Jahez Digital

In the quest to tackle major business challenges, one question stands out:

How do you match the right approach to the right problem?

We dove into the world of design sprints and discover their role in solving business puzzles. There's no universal solution, but we'll explore how design sprints can be your key tool.

Key Topics
  • We got a special look at product development mindsets and ways of innovating.
  • We talked about how design sprints work with innovation funnels, building new ventures, and developing products quickly and effectively.
  • We learned from Bassam's personal experiences and gained new perspectives
  • John Vetan: Founder and Strategist at Design Sprint Academy, imparted insights from his extensive digital innovation journey, focusing on the transformative impact of design sprints in instilling a culture of innovation.
  • Bassam Albahra: another innovation guru, brought a wealth of experience from facilitating over 300 innovation workshops. He shared his personal journey with design sprints and how it completly changes his point of view.