Embracing Design Sprint 3.0 for Large-Scale Innovation

DSA Team

Date: July 2023
Location: Bangalore, India
Sponsor: Oracle Technology Hub

We had an extraordinary time conducting the "Embracing Design Sprint 3.0 for Large-Scale Innovation" event at Oracle Technology Hub in Bangalore, India!


  • Maria Preethy, Senior Organization and Talent Development Consultant at Oracle
  • John Vetan, the founder and CEO of Design Sprint Academy

Key Topics

  • What is a Design Sprint?
  • The Evolution of Design Sprints
  • Design Sprints are no silver bullet!
  • How to Overcome the Design Sprint Challenges in large organizations?
  • A walkthrough of the Design Sprint 3.0 process
  • How teams and organizations apply Design Sprint 3.0 in practice
  • Micro level - teams deconstruct the process into smaller activities
  • Macro level - Agile development, Innovation Funnel, Startup Funding, External Partnerships