Innovate or Hibernate: Balancing Risk and Opportunity with Design Sprints

February 22, 2024
  • Date: February 21st, 2024
  • Location: Dubai, UAE
  • Partners: IFZA

We recently organized a thought-provoking event in Dubai titled "Innovate or Hibernate: Balancing Risk and Opportunity with Design Sprints" in collaboration with IFZA. The event brought together a diverse group of innovation leaders, senior managers, product owners eager to explore navigating the ever-changing business landscape.

Thank you to all who attended! Your active participation sparked engaging discussions, offering valuable insights on balancing innovation with maintaining existing successes.

Missed the event? Here's a glimpse:

  • Engaging icebreaker: The session kicked off with a fun Bingo game, fostering connections among attendees.
  • Valuable knowledge: John Vetan from Design Sprint Academy shed light on navigating organizational uncertainty, highlighting the importance of team collaboration.
  • Startup expertise: Sara Aiello, Startup Ecosystem Manager at IFZA, shared her knowledge on launching ventures, building partnerships, and navigating the startup ecosystem.
  • Interactive discussions: The session also explored how different entities approach disruption, enriched by live attendee surveys.
  • Practical examples: Google's approach to tackling big challenges was analyzed, alongside three illustrative case studies.
  • Real-world experience: Design Sprint Academy also shared firsthand experiences on utilizing design sprints and problem framing to transform potential disruptions into opportunities for innovation.

A sincere thank you to all participants. Your enthusiasm and valuable insights not only contributed to the event's success but also fuel ongoing dialogue within our community of innovators. We look forward to continuing the conversation with those shaping the future.