Design Sprint Certification Level 1

Boost your credibility with clients, managers, and peers by demonstrating your knowledge in Design Sprint principles, mindset, and process.

€ 100 EUR

Certification Details

The exam is a 76-question online multiple-choice questionnaire designed to assess knowledge in four core topics:

  • Identifying and framing the right challenge for a design sprint.
  • Planning a design sprint, onboarding, and engaging stakeholders.
  • Guiding and managing the sprint team through the 6-phase process.
  • Synthesizing testing results and planning for the next steps.

Type: Self-paced

Time required: 1.5 hours.

Number of attempts: 5

Passing Criteria: minimum 70% score

Language: English

The successful completion of the Theoretical Exam entitles you to:
  • Design Sprint Facilitator Badge
  • Design Sprint Facilitator Certificate Level 1
  • Inclusion in the Certified Design Sprint Facilitators Directory