Design Sprint Certification Level 2

Claim your mastery. This certification validates your expertise and showcases your ability to guide teams through the design sprint process with finesse and effectiveness.

€ 300 EUR

Certification Details

The Level 2 Design Sprint Certification rigorously assesses your ability to apply and implement Design Sprint principles and methodologies in practical settings.

How it works

To qualify for the Practical Exam, a key component of this certification, you must first pass the theoretical examination. The Practical Exam is where you demonstrate your proficiency in the field. In this exam, you'll take the lead in orchestrating an actual design sprint, working with a designated team.

Your responsibilities include the meticulous planning and preparation of the sprint, crafting a detailed sprint brief, guiding the team through each step of the process, capturing key insights, and compiling a thorough Replay Report. This report should articulate the challenge faced, the team's approach, and the outcomes of the testing phase.

An independent Committee will evaluate your performance based on two primary submissions: a video recording of you facilitating a sprint exercise and the detailed Replay Report. The assessment process takes approximately 2-3 weeks and is conducted entirely in English. To pass, you must achieve a minimum score of 70%. This evaluation is designed to validate your skills in real-world Design Sprint scenarios comprehensively.

  • Type: Results assessment
  • Duration: 2-3 weeks
  • Format: Committee review of outputs / results of a a design sprint you facilitated
  • Language: English
  • Passing Criteria: minimum 70% score

The successful completion of the Practical Exam entitles you to:

  • Design Sprint Master Badge
  • Design Sprint Certification Level 2
  • Inclusion in the Design Sprint Facilitators Directory