For In-person Facilitation

Design Sprint Facilitation KIT

Easy-to-use presentation decks and playbooks to help you lead design sprints like a pro, regardless of your experience level.

400+ Customizable Presentation Slides
Expert Facilitation Tips from Industry Leaders
Comprehensive Agendas, Checklists, and Templates

Facilitate Design Sprints with confidence and ease.

With the Design Sprint Facilitation KIT you'll:

Easily onboard and align your team around the right problem from the start.
Guide the team with clear step-by-step instructions and relatable examples.
Meet your sprint's objectives using best practices and expert facilitation tips.
Efficiently share the sprint results to key stakeholders and ensure a smooth hand off.

What's included in the KIT?

400+ Presentation Slides

Customizable Keynote / Powerpoint presentation slides with Presenter Notes included that guide your team through the sprint process and showcase your expertise.

Workshop recipe for onboarding the team

One-hour remote workshops with your sprint team and Deciders created in Mural, Miro, and Concept Board. These sessions will help you kick off the sprint with a knowledgeable, committed, and engaged team and also prevent any possible challenges.

Daily Agendas and Checklists

Detailed minute-by-minute daily schedule and checklists for every phase, including what to focus on and when, as well as specific Facilitation PRO TIPS!

70+ page Sprint Replay Report

An easy-to-customize sprint report (Keynote / Powerpoint) that allows you to tell the sprint’s story and synthesize the research data into a format your decision-makers will understand.

Amazing facilitators use our KITS!
Cameron Rouse
Innovation Manager - SAP

The Replay Report from the KIT definitely exceeded my expectation. It is without a doubt a great asset for me to get alignment and further stakeholder support.

Stephan Jung
Globalization Services Program Manager @SAP

The Daily Agendas were well structured, while flexible enough to adjust. The sprint experience was challenging, inspiring and fun.

Ronan O'Connell
Vice President, Software Engineering @SAP

Excellent sprint experience. First time using digital templates and loved it! Simple and very effective.

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What is the role of the Facilitator in a Design Sprint?

The facilitator plays a crucial role in a Design Sprint. They are responsible for guiding the team through the sprint process, ensuring that each step is executed efficiently and effectively. The facilitator maintains the focus and energy of the team, manages time, and helps navigate through complex discussions and decision-making processes. They are key to maintaining an objective and impartial perspective, ensuring that all voices are heard and that the sprint stays on track towards its goals. Their expertise and facilitation skills are vital in unlocking the full potential of the sprint team and in achieving the desired outcomes of the sprint.

How long does a Design Sprint last when using the kit?

A Design Sprint typically spans an intensive four-day workshop. The process, designed for cross-functional teams, includes stages like problem understanding, solution ideation, decision-making, prototyping, and user testing, culminating in actionable insights and validated solutions​

Can I use this kit if I'm not familiar with Design Sprints?

The kit is designed for those who already have a basic understanding of the Design Sprint process. It offers tools to facilitate and structure sprints, particularly in an in-person setting, rather than teaching the fundamentals of Design Sprints.

How will I receive my kit after purchase?

After purchasing the kit, you'll be directed to a download page containing a link. From there, you can download a zip folder manually, which contains all the contents of your kit.

Can't I find similar resources for free online?

While you can find guidelines and articles online with tips for running a design sprint, our Kit is unique. Developed from scratch, it reflects years of hands-on experience and has been tested in real-world scenarios. Unlike basic online resources, our Kit offers a comprehensive, step-by-step approach, providing a more structured and effective way to conduct design sprints.

Do you offer a license for a team of facilitators?

Absolutely! We provide a corporate license suitable for an entire team of facilitators within your organization. This allows for consistent and standardized best practices during sprints. For more details, please contact us at

Who developed this sprint kit and how can you guarantee its effectiveness?

This kit was crafted by the seasoned experts at Design Sprint Academy (DSA) for use in their internal consultancy projects. It has been rigorously tested and proven in numerous design sprints and innovation hackathons. During these events, teams tackled complex challenges under our guidance, consistently achieving impressive results. This extensive real-world application ensures the kit's reliability and effectiveness.

For In-person Facilitation
Design Sprint Facilitation KIT
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