Design Sprint Retrogram

A 1-hour virtual workshop for teams to reflect on their design sprint experiences, analyze outcomes, and strategize for future improvements.

Continuous Improvement
Outcome Evaluation
Structured Feedback Process

Why a Design Sprint Retrogram Workshop?

In the context of a Design Sprint, where a significant investment of time and effort is involved, a retrospective becomes crucial. It ensures the value gained from the sprint justifies the resources spent.

Provides a formal end to the sprint, allowing the team to celebrate their work and progress.
Helps in identifying what worked well and what didn't, essential for continuous improvement.
Creates a safe space for honest feedback, vital for addressing challenges and enhancing teamwork.
Generates a list of actionable items for refining future sprints based on collective insights.

When and How to Run a Retrospective Workshop?


Schedule the workshop ideally within a week after the sprint ends, when memories and experiences are still fresh.


Ensure all sprint participants, including those involved briefly, and the Deciders attend to provide diverse insights and feedback.


By using our template, your sprint team will efficiently review the sprint's structure, outcomes, and teamwork. The focus will be on identifying successes, challenges, and brainstorming improvements, promoting ongoing learning and growth for future sprints.

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Design Sprint Retrogram
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