For Online Facilitation

Remote Sprint Facilitation KIT

User-friendly digital templates and remote sprint plans to help you overcome the challenges of remote collaboration and run successful design sprints.

MIRO, MURAL Customizable Digital Whiteboards
Playbooks, Checklists, and Email Templates
Flexible Sprint Plan

Master remote collaboration. Facilitate with confidence.

The Remote Sprint Facilitation KIT will help you:

Rally the team of experts around the challenge.
Tailor your sprint with flexible sessions that fit any time zone.
Balance live team activities with independent work for better results.
Easily gather user insights and pass on research findings to key stakekolders.

What's included in the KIT?

Modular Sprint Plan

This flexible plan features detailed agendas to structure your sprint into manageable sessions, perfectly suited for teams in different time zones. It balances online collaborations with offline tasks, ensuring everyone stays in sync, no matter where they are.

9+ Digital Whiteboards

Fully customizable MIRO, MURAL, and ConceptBoard templates for each sprint day. These boards come with embedded presentations, facilitation instructions, and designated work areas to guide the team efficiently through each sprint activity, enhancing creativity and productivity.

Sprint Brief & Team Onboarding

Start your sprint with a clear vision and unified team. Our detailed brief outlines key objectives, challenges, and KPIs, ensuring everyone's aligned. The one-hour onboarding session then familiarizes your team with the sprint goals and their roles, addressing any initial challenges for a focused start

70+ page Sprint Replay Report

Conclude your sprint with impactful handoffs for implementation. This user-friendly, customizable report (available in Keynote/PowerPoint) effectively narrates your sprint's journey and consolidates research data into a clear format for stakeholder review.

Amazing facilitators use our KITS!
Cameron Rouse
Innovation Manager - SAP

The Replay Report from the KIT definitely exceeded my expectation. It is without a doubt a great asset for me to get alignment and further stakeholder support.

Stephan Jung
Globalization Services Program Manager @SAP

The Daily Agendas were well structured, while flexible enough to adjust. The sprint experience was challenging, inspiring and fun.

Ronan O'Connell
Vice President, Software Engineering @SAP

Excellent sprint experience. First time using digital templates and loved it! Simple and very effective.

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Can I use the Remote Sprint KIT if I'm new to design sprints?

This kit is really for those who already know the basics of design sprints. It's packed with tools to help you explain ideas, run activities, and organize the sprint, especially when working remotely. But it doesn't teach the sprint process from scratch.

What if I'm not familiar with Miro, Mural, or Concept Board?

Don't worry if you're new to MIRO, Mural, or Concept Board. Our kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions for downloading and setting up your boards and templates on these platforms. Plus, we've included helpful tutorials and onboarding exercises in our Facilitation Guide to get you and your team up to speed in no time.

How can I improve my skills in facilitating design sprints remotely?

If you're new to remote facilitation, our unique training program is the perfect shortcut. With years of experience in leading Design Sprints for top companies globally, we offer a 2-day AI-powered live-online training. It's a hands-on way to master every aspect of the Design Sprint process. Plus, you'll have the chance to become a certified Design Sprint Master!

Do you offer a license for a team of facilitators?

Absolutely! We provide a corporate license suitable for an entire team of facilitators within your organization. This allows for consistent and standardized best practices during sprints. For more details, please contact us at

How will I receive my kit after purchase?

After purchasing the kit, you'll be directed to a download page containing a link. From there, you can download a zip folder manually, which contains all the contents of your kit.

For Online Facilitation
Remote Sprint Facilitation KIT
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