The Problem Framing Canvas

A structured tool designed to simplify the way you identify and define customer-centric business opportunities.

Business goals
Customer needs
Problem statements grounded in facts

Why use the Problem Framing Canvas?

Ever found yourself swimming in a sea of great ideas, but struggling to pick the winner? That's where the Problem Framing Canvas comes in.

Transforms vague, complex concepts into clear, actionable opportunities.
Guides strategic focus on problems that truly matter both for the business, as well as for the customer.
Ensures everyone is aligned on the same goals and shares the same understanding.
Simplifies decision-making because it helps compare and prioritize ideas effectively.

When and How to use this Canvas?

During Idea Evaluation

Ideal for sifting through numerous ideas to find the most promising ones.

Before Strategy Workshops

Particularly effective in preparing strategy workshops with decision-makers who may be disconnected from customer needs or lack detailed market insights, helping to bridge the gap and secure their support.

When Starting a Project

Great starting point for new projects or initiatives who aim to focus on customer needs and market demands.

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The Problem Framing Canvas
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