The Problem Statement Workshop

A high-impact, 90-minute workshop for decision-makers to define their target audience and craft a clear problem statement.

Stakeholder alignment
Defined target audience
Problem statement

Why conduct a Problem Statement Workshop?

Skip endless decision-making meetings and zero in on a problem that truly matters.

It helps your stakeholders identify a problem worth solving.
Aids in clearly defining and understanding who the target audience is.
Facilitates better decision-making among stakeholders with different agendas.
Ensures the problem solvers stay on track, preventing them from missing the target with their solutions.

When and How to facilitate the workshop?

Pre-Design Sprint Phase

It's ideal just before a design sprint, specifically 2-3 weeks prior. This timing allows for maximizing its impact during the preparation phase, ensuring the design sprint is grounded in a well-defined and relevant problem.

Before Major Product Development Initiatives

When a team is about to embark on significant product development or innovation projects, this workshop can help in aligning the stakeholders' understanding of the customer's needs and the core problem, leading to more targeted and effective development efforts.

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The Problem Statement Workshop
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