4-day workshop

Design Sprint

Reimagine your workflows with an employee-focused approach, and achieve unprecedented organizational efficiency.


A focused, collaborative, and rapid prototyping workshop that aims to streamline and enhance internal processes and workflows. It is perfect for organizations undergoing digital transformation or seeking to improve productivity and employee satisfaction.

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When is a Process Design Sprint useful?

A Process Design Sprint addresses a wide range of process-related problems that hinder efficiency, productivity, and user satisfaction. Here are some common use cases:

When your current workflow is broken, time-consuming, or simply ineffective
When you are hiring new people and your processes lack clarity or standardization
When your processes are fragmented or siloed and you need to improve collaboration
When you need to gain buy-in from stakeholders from different departments and get unstuck

Our Approach

Not all design sprints are equal. We've refined the classic Google Ventures process, originally designed for startups, to suit the complex environments of larger organizations and the challenges they pose.

Limited availability of key stakeholders, conflicting priorities, unclear problems and rigid workflows are just a few.

Our approach avoids these pitfalls. We will do the heavy lifting, the groundwork, setting the stage to ensure your team shines and does what they do best: solve the problem. Depending on availability, your team will only be required for two to four days, and in the background, our experts will do the rest.

The ingredients for success

The Right Problem

Focus on a specific process that is causing inefficiencies, customer frustration, or other challenges. We ensure the problem aligns with business objectives and has a measurable impact.

Customer Insights

Understand the needs, pain points, and expectations of those who interact with the process. Conduct user interviews, surveys, and observations to gain valuable insights.

Expert Team

Your best people work in silos. We will break them to assemble your team of diverse experts, each bringing unique perspectives to find a breakthrough solution.


Egos, pressures of results, and time constraints can impede success. Our facilitators guide your team in overcoming these challenges, fostering teamwork and collaboration.

Employee-Focused Approach: Our Process


We begin by understanding your specific goals and the problem you aim to address - this could be a specific task, a sub-process, a larger workflow or even a digital transformation initiative. We then present our approach, ensuring it aligns with your vision, thereby setting the stage for an effective and result-oriented engagement.

  • Alignment on your goals
  • Defined success criteria
Duration: 1-hour online meeting


We analyze your existing process documentation, including flowcharts, manuals, and data reports. We then conduct extra research to understand the needs and experiences of those who interact with the process, looking to identify any bottlenecks, pain points, or areas for improvement. All these insights are consolidated into the Design Sprint Brief and visualised through powerful diagrams - such as Service Blueprints, which your team will work with during the sprint.

  • Design Sprint Brief
  • Problem Statements
  • Process/Service Blueprints
Duration: 2-3 weeks

Team Onboarding & Logistics

We work together to assemble a team of cross-functional stakeholders who have a deep understanding of the target process. We include individuals from different departments, such as process improvement, user experience, technology, operations, and ensure the sprint team has diverse perspectives and expertise. At this stage we also recruit and select target employees for prototype testing and organize all the logistics - location, a dedicated workspace, workshop supplies and refreshments.

  • Stakeholders selected and onboarded
  • Employees recruited for testing
Duration: 1 week

Design Sprint Workshop:  Remote or In-Person

Under the guidance of our seasoned facilitators, your expert team will rapidly progress from problem to a customer-tested prototype in just four days.

  • Day 1  - Deep dive into the problem to identify key risks and form hypotheses.
  • Day 2 -  Sketching solutions, selecting the best ideas, and merging them into a storyboard
  • Day 3 - Turning the storyboard into a prototype—a realistic facade of your product.
  • Day 4 -  Testing to gauge customer feedback and reactions to your concept
Duration: 4 days

Replay Report

After the design sprint concludes, our facilitators meticulously document the entire journey. The comprehensive Replay Report encapsulates all activities, outcomes, and user testing results, presenting a vivid narrative of the sprint. This report distils key learnings and actionable insights, guiding your senior stakeholders in making informed next steps.

  • Comprehensive user testing learnings
  • Actionable next-step insights
Duration: 3 days after the sprint  
What can you expect from a Process Design Sprint?
Enhanced employee experience
Early employee validation and acceptance
A clear and visually compelling blueprint of the future process
Streamlined workflows and reduced inefficiencies
Eliminated the risk of creating a process nobody will follow
A tool for training and onboarding new employees
Stakeholder alignment (e.g. technology, marketing, sales, etc)
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"DSA ran the first Design Sprint I attended, and it was SUPERB. Their expert facilitation and ability to manage a creative (and sometimes challenging) group of experts in their field, all the while encouraging us along the journey, was truly first-class. " 
Richard Verdin, Non-Executive Director @RGAX
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