Vision 2030 accelerated: How ELM is sprinting towards the future

October 14, 2023
DSA Team

In 2023, ELM, a leading tech company in Saudi Arabia, strategically aligned with Vision 2030 by participating in the Design Sprint Academy (DSA) Training Program. This step was crucial in adopting more innovative and faster problem-solving methods, key to achieving Vision 2030's ambitious goals.

The training with DSA introduced ELM to Design Sprints and Problem Framing methodologies, enhancing their ability to creatively solve problems and make agile decisions in a competitive market.

The program began with a focus on Problem Framing, equipping ELM's teams to effectively dissect and redefine complex challenges, paving the way for more effective solutions. This set the stage for the Design Sprint phase, where the teams rapidly developed and tested ideas, promoting a culture of quick innovation and adaptability.

To ensure long-term success, ELM also developed an internal team of facilitators through Design Sprint Facilitation Training, embedding these innovative practices into the company's core operations. This integration of Design Sprints and Problem Framing has not only boosted ELM's problem-solving skills but also established it as a frontrunner in the technology sector, exemplifying the nee