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Venture Building

We fast-track your ideas into profitable ventures, blending customer insights, strategic business focus and deep-tech expertise.


Our venture-building process combines human-centric methods with deep-tech expertise to effectively strip out uncertainty and create technology businesses that are desirable, feasible, and viable.

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Who is this for? 

Whether your team is just venturing (pun intended) into this space and seeking a structured beginning, or an established group aiming to expedite the go-to-market process, our Venture Building service provides comprehensive guidance, resources, and technical support. It is ideally suited for:

Innovation Leaders aiming to set up a corporate venture studio and in need of a turn-key framework
Internal start-ups in search of a structured approach to venture creation.
Innovation teams with capability gaps needing a partner with end-to-end expertise.
Innovation teams lacking the technological resources or skills to build an MVP.

Our Approach

At the heart of our Venture Building service is a methodical approach that merges strategic insight with practical execution, designed to mitigate uncertainty and risk at each step.

From selecting the right idea to market validation and business modeling all the way through to MVP development, we have got you covered. We provide all the guidance, education, coaching, and resources you need to turn your ideas into profitable and scalable businesses.

Culminating in the development and launch of an MVP that's not only innovative but also technologically sound and market-ready, our process guarantees that the final product is desirable, viable, and feasible.

A comprehensive approach, considering: 

Strategic focus

We’ll ensure your new venture ideas align with your overarching business strategy, securing essential stakeholder support along the way.


Leveraging our world-class design sprint expertise, we'll quickly achieve product-market fit, ensuring your concepts effectively meet customer needs.


Our role extends to transforming your concept into a robust business model, detailing value delivery and revenue generation.


Count on our expert tech team to build your MVP according to industry best practices, ensuring it's launch-ready yet scalable for future growth.

Launching the new venture

Idea Identification and Selection

We will engage senior stakeholders in our signature Problem Framing process to identify and select promising ideas aligned with organizational goals and market needs.

  • Promising ideas selected for further exploration
  • Stakeholder buy-in and support
Duration: 2 - 3 weeks

Market Validation

Utilizing cross-functional teams in Design Sprints, we will validate the concept's desirability, ensuring that the product meets customer needs and expectations

  • Product-market fit
  • MVP Roadmap defined
Duration: 4 - 6 weeks

Business Model Development

Employing the Business Model Canvas, we will create and test a viable business model, adding a strategic layer and detailing revenue streams, resources, and value delivery channels.

  • Business model created
Duration: 1 - 2 weeks

Resource Allocation and Stakeholder Approval

Presenting the validated concept and business model to stakeholders for resource allocation integrates the venture's planning with organizational support and approval.

  • Resources allocated for implementation
  • Approved MVP Build
Duration: 1 - 2 weeks

MVP Development

This phase includes advising on the technology stack and infrastructure, UX and usability,  and building a robust and scalable MVP.

  • MVP built and launched
  • Proposed growth plan
Duration: 3 - 6 months
Key results you get with our Venture Building approach
Innovative business and revenue models
Cultivated entrepreneurial mindset
Repeatable, fast, effective go-to-market approach
Proven innovation ROI
Scalable, technologically sound  MVP
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“Both the problem framing and sprint have been done under excellent moderation. Strict on time when required, inspirational when possible, demanding and ambitious when needed!”
Els Quentyn, Innovation Manager @ Arteco NV
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